Investing in Lovely Littlest Life

Happy Saturday! I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend thus far. Today I was able to achieve a few goals behind the scenes of Lovely Littlest Life. 

Earlier this afternoon I was able to obtain a new domain. I am pleased to announce that this blog is now ! Fear not, the old URL will still bring you to this blog, but you now have the easier option too. 

I was also able to pick up some pretty notebooks and a planner for dirt cheap at HomeSense. I looooove HomeSense (I believe the American equivalent is HomeGoods). I have already put these goodies to use in drafting ideas, making lists and planning future posts. I even got a mini notebook for in my purse for all that inspirational moments away from home. 

Does anyone else like to hand write their posts prior to typing them up? I always prefer to hand write things out, review the content and cross things out as I go. I guess you could call it my creative method. 

I also spent some time today checking out other blogs. I would love to know which are your personal favourites so that I can check them out too. The blogosphere really does seem like a community and I can’t wait to explore more of it!

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