Don’t Always Assume That You’ve Made Up Your Mind

We have all heard of the phrase “don’t just a book by it’s cover.” This is a similar concept, but would be better compared as “don’t judge a book by it’s first chapter.”

Why should you take this advice? Well, think about it: how many times have you been proven wrong about something and felt embarrassed about it or that you had missed out on this new found experience? I can tell you that personally, I have experienced this countless times (that’s why I assume that you have experienced it at least once before).

I am sure some of you have some amazing stories about this, which I would love to hear about (hint hint! comment below!), but in the mean time I shall tell you about some of mine.

The one that sparked the idea for this blog has to do with wine. My first experience with wine was a red Cupcake Cab. Sav. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it and just assumed that I would be one of those red wine drinkers. For the next year or so I would always chose red over white. I never gave white a try as I had heard that it was very sweet and fruity. I enjoy the depth of red.

This spring when on my Contiki European Tour, I did a wine tasting in St. Goar. All of wines that we had to taste were white! I cannot believe that I considered not going just because they were whites…. I am beyond happy that I made the decision to put my so called opinions aside and try these wines. I also enjoyed the wine tasting experience, wines aside. At the end of it I had a new favourite wine: Riesling.

My lesson was learned!

Maybe that is a weak example, but it is an example none the less. Let me know what opinions life has changed for you 🙂

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