Podcast Review: The Beauty Brains

I came across the podcast The Beauty Brains – Real Scientists Answer Your Beauty Questions while scrolling through my Podcasts app’s list of beauty blogs. There are a lot of things that I don’t know about beauty products including their formulations, ingredients, effects on our systems, etc. I figured that I had nothing to lose in giving it a listen.

What I didn’t figure was that I would be laughing out loud in the car when I am listening!The two hosts, cosmetic chemists Perry & Randy have worked together for years and have some of the lamest jokes. I am a sucker for those lames ones!

These podcasts are just one of the medias that the Beauty Brains use to share their wealth of information. Their longest standing media is their Beauty Brain blog

These are relatively short podcasts. They do not have a consistent duration but are generally between 10 to 20 minutes. Their topics are not all based on makeup products. Some topics include cleansers, perfumes, bodily functions, marketing tricks in the industry and what different ingredients do. With each episode they explore a listener’s question, some new advancements in their industry and what they have been up to professionally.

I recommend this podcast for anyone who uses any type of personal hygiene products (hopefully everyone!). You do not need to listen to every episode, but definitely give their catalog a look over and listen to a few.



Do you have a podcast that you would recommend? I am looking for something new to listen to! Let me know in the comments. đŸ™‚

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