10 Things to do on a Rainy Day

We finally have had an overcast day among days of 30 degrees or higher. It is a relief to the system, easier to sleep and a personal preference when the weather is like this. Most of the things that I like to do are what people do on rainy days. That is why I have created a list of 10 things you can do on a rainy day. Maybe tomorrow will be another rainy day!

1. Try a New Recipe

Cooking or baking can be a lot of fun. You can either try a new recipe, recreate an old favorite or make your own creation out of whatever is in your fridge & pantry. It’s something that you can do on your own or with others, of any age!

2. Watch Netflix

Now is a great time to binge watch a show that your coworkers keep talking about. Whether it is one of the new shows or even an old classic, stay in your pj’s, grab some snacks and enjoy whatever you feel like watching.

3. Read a Book

I dunno about you, but I have a shelf full of books that I have been meaning to read. Days like today are the best to sit down with a page turner and get yourself acquainted with some new characters.

4.  Do Some Cleaning

My closet could use some tidying and rainy days give me an opportunity to get down into the far corners find those long lost socks and shirts.

5. DIY Projects

We all have things that we have said would be a good project to do around the house that we wouldn’t need to hire out for. Rainy days are a great opportunity to knock them off your to-do list.

6. Build a Boat out of a Milk Carton

This is something that I used to do as a kid. We would cut a milk carton in half, add our own versions of sails, oars and crews and set them to sail in the gutter outside our house. My brother and I would compete to see who’s boat would flow more quickly down the “river”.

7. Clean Out You Closet

In contrary to the cleaning out the corners of the closet, this would include going through all the items and taking out anything that you do not want anymore. Items can be bagged or boxed up and given to charity or you could invite a friend over who is the same size and swap clothes.

8. Write A Letter

We often lose touch with family and friends, even if we do have them all on Facebook. Sit down and write a letter to one or many of those you haven’t seen in a while.

9. Have an At Home Spa Day

Run yourself a bath, get out your face masks, deep conditioners, nail polish, white stripes and whatever else you have collecting dust in the back of your bathroom cupboard. Make the day a stress free zone and pamper yourself from head to toe. Add some bubbles to that bath, set up your docking station on the counter with your favorite jams and pour yourself a glass of wine. Truly relax and unwind.

10. Hit the mall!

For those who do not want to stay home, there are plenty of things to do around town. One in particular is the mall. It is that time of year when all the back to school sales are on, why not stock up on whatever you may need for the coming fall/winter months – you cannot wear sandals to work in the snow! Sorry!


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