The Simple Life

No, I am sorry to disappoint but this has nothing to do with Paris Hilton. 

I have been thinking about the many ways that Lovely Littlest Life may be interpreted. One of the ways that crossed my mind is a minimalistic, simple life.

Although my  life is far from it, I do see a value in reducing clutter. Just last night I was having trouble sleeping because my room is a mess. I have a pile of clean clothes on my floor, right next to a pile of dirty clothes and a tower of textbooks. Don’t even get me started on my makeup area which is comparable to a kindergarten classroom during arts and crafts hour. 

Clutter not only fills a space, but it also fills your head. Research indicates that a clutter free space aids with sleep, productivity and stress relief. Physical clutter leads to mental clutter. 

This is a spoiler for next month’s personal challenge, however I am going to take it upon myself to reduce the clutter in my life big time! I have so many things that I don’t use but have held on to because I felt that they were part of my identity. As it turns out, a torn up football jersey from my jr. high does not define me, especially considering I never played on any of the school teams.

There are so many ways that clutter can find it’s way into your life – drama amoung friends, books you’ll never read, flyers from the past year or even spreading yourself too thin and needing to remember everything that has to get done.

So here is what I am proposing: think about what kind of clutter YOU have. What in your life could you do without? During the month of September, join me for my personal challenge in making life more simple for yourself. You have just under two weeks to determine what you want to focus on. It can be your own specifications, how ever many areas you are willing to tackle – I suggest no more than 4 – you don’t want to clutter yourself with decluttering after all! 

I will touch on this again in two weeks to roll out my own plan. In the meantime, get thinking! I want to know your plan in the comments below (or wait until I announce my own plan) about what you want to be rid of!

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