Tips & Tricks: Peeling Peaches

My apologies for the late post, I was busy in the kitchen whipping up supper, some cookies and peeling peaches. Peaches are definitely in season right now. Their fragrance is filling my house and making me want to eat them for every meal. Luckily, I know a quick and easy way to peel peaches. It is important to note that the peaches need to be ripe in order for this method to work effectively.

1. Boil Water

Get a medium to large pot out, fill it 3/4 full and turn the stove on high. Waiting for the water to boil will be the longest step of this process.

2. Make an Ice Bath

For the peaches, not for yourself. A mixing bowl will do the trick for this, pour in some cold water and some ice cubes.

3. Put Peach in Boiling Water for 30 Seconds

It is important that the peach is in the water for 30 seconds. It does not matter if the water stops boiling when the peach goes in, just 30 seconds is all it takes.

4. Remove Peach With 2 Spoon and Put into Ice Bath

The ice bath is important as it keeps the peach from continuing to cook. You may see the skin start to come away from the peach at this point, but it will not come off 100% on its own.

5. Rub the Skin off of the Peach

With a gentle touch, rub the peach and the skin should peel away. If you have trouble, grab one of your spoons and slide it along the peach. The peel will definitely come off now.

6. Enjoy!

Now that my peaches are peeled I need to think of all the different ways I want to eat them. I will definitely be having a bowl full for breakfast in the morning! 

If anyone has any recommendation for peach recipes, by all means let me know in the comments below!

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