Top 10 Things about Fall

Yesterday I wrote about enjoying the last little while of summer but that got me thinking about fall. Fall has always been my favorite season. Here are my take on the top 10 things about Fall:

1. The colours

Not only do the trees change into a vast color arrangements, but the deep jewel tones that are always popular to wear in the fall are beautiful on everyone. I love everything from the purples to the oranges and even the dark greens. It is a beautiful time of year.

2. Layers

I love layers and fall is the best time to experiment with your layers; sweaters, vest, jackets, scarfs, light mittens… It is fun to play  up a look that can easily be modified thoughout the day as the temperature fluxuates.

4. Harvest

The fall means that everything is ready to harvest. Fresh vegetables galore! Carrots, squash, zucchini, potatoes… they all are so good on their own are put into a pot for stew.

5.  The food 

Soups, stews, shepherds pie and all of those other tasty warm foods that we create in the kitchen are practical, easy to make, great as left over and popular as the temperature starts to cool off. 

5. Thanksgiving

I think this could have been assumed as the next point given the last few points. I love me some good fall cookin! Turkey, stuffing, yams, potatoes, gravy, pies… the list just keeps going on for foods that I love in the fall. Luckily we have this holiday to spend the day in the kitchen when my mom and then indulge at the end of it. Is it fair to say that I am thankful for Thanksgiving?

6. Tea

I love tea and there are some great fall teas that come out full of rich flavours. Pumpkin chai, macaroon, and various other black teas find a nice home in my mug as  I sip away the mornings and trade in for another flavour in the afternoon. I cannot wait to see what kind of tea they have for this year!

7. Halloween

Who doesn’t like dressing up for parties?! It has always been fun decorating the house for all the trick-or-treaters and seeing their excitement while they go door to door. Hopefully they do not start too early since it is on a Saturday! Don’t forget that this means candy corn can be found at a store near you (or me, definitely will have some candy corn near me… which I probably won’t share because then that is less that I get to eat… Yes I may be semi-addicted to it….)

8. Kids are actually excited to go to school

Most kids enjoy going back to school. They want to see their friends, get new clothes, break in their cool new backpacks and multicolored pens. In the fall the excitement hasn’t warn off and everyone is a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning.

9. Sports & activities start again

Extra cirriculars start up again in the fall, providing us with ways to spend out time, hobbies to get into and new friends to meet who have common interests. This is a wonderful time of year to meet people – then ask them if they want to meet for tea! 

10. It is easier to sleep

The cooler air makes it easier to sleep. It is that perfect balance of not too hot that you need to kick off your blanket and not too cold that you are afraid to get out of bed. Fall captures that perfect temperature of bliss. We stay in bed because it seems more comfortable than ever and don’t have to adjust any format of blanket layers.
Did I mention of your favourite things about fall? Did I miss something epic that you feel cannot go without mention? I want to hear from you! Let me know your favourite things about fall in the comments.

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