5 Canadian Cities I Want to Visit

Part of the reason that I started this blog was because I felt that there was a lack of Canadian content out in the blogisphere. With that being said, I have not written about this great country that I live in. there is a lot that I want to see, learn and explore about this place so I am going to share with you the 5 places that I want to go to without needing to bring my passport.

1. Montreal

This would be my answer instantaneously if someone asked where I want to go in Canada. I want to see the culture, the food, be able to use both of my languages, and check out some of Canada’s most interesting history. Did you guys know that Montreal used to be our capital from 1844 until the parliament building was burnt down 1849 and it moved to Toronto (a couple of moves prior to becoming Ottawa)?

2. Halifax

I like smaller cities and Halifax is one of those. Also, growing up I had done a few papers on the Halifax explosion and would like to go and check out whatever monuments/museums there are regarding this event. Halifax is one of the oldest cities in Canada (especially when compared to Alberta!) and I love me some history! 

3. Vancouver

I have never made it out to Vancouver even though it is in the next province over. I hear that there is a lot to see and do there. Vancouver hosted the Olympics in 2010, putting on display a lot that that city has to offer. I would love to go and check out some of the different markets, hot spots and various eating establishments that I have heard about. Also, I know some folks that live there who it would be lovely to visit with. 🙂

4. Ottawa/Gatineau

Our nation’s capital. I have been here before but would really like to go back again.  There are a lot of museums, monuments, beautiful places and important moments in our history here. I love that Ottawa sits on the boarder of Ontario & Quebec and it kind of describes the way that I see Canada. I also have some family there who are always a joy to visit with. I am thinking that it would be fun to go in the winter so that I could skate on the Rideau canal. 

5. Toronto

So much of what people know about Canada & Canadians is based on what goes on in Toronto. I would love to experience what people think is Canada vs. what Canada is to me. I would also want to take in a Jay’s game, go to the top of the CN Tower, be in the studio audience of the Social and spot some celebrity. I am sure there is a lot of amazing food to try, beautiful things to see and interesting people to meet. 
Are you from or have you visited any of these cities? I want to know what you recommend checking out there in case I ever do get the chance to go. 

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