Food Induced Memories

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that certain foods remind me of my childhood. Today I was enjoying some block candy (the ones that look like lego), thinking back to eating it while at a baseball game when I was younger. Later in the afternoon I was trying to figure out what I wanted for supper and realized that I would love some Chef Boyardi Ravioli, another childhood favourite. 

There is something about food that is like a sensory time machine for me and brings me back to certain events or particular people that I experienced it with. 

I remember learning about this at school; involuntary autobiographical memory. It is when something in the present evokes a memory without concious effort. 

I am curious, what food(s) have evoked memories for you that made you stop and smile? If you cannot think of anything, how about trying this link to have some visual involuntary memories?

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  1. interestingly enough, I would say ravioli too. But school ravioli! it was one of the few school dishes I liked because the sauce was savory and not so sweet like the chef boyardi ones. That, fudge popsicles, and playing handball made for the best lunchtimes in my elementary school years.

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