Product Review: Garnier Ombrelle Face Ultra Fluid

Garnier Ombrelle has an alternative product to the thick and goopy facial sunscreen that leaves the greasy whitecast on your skin after application.
The Ombrelle Face Ultra Fluid comes in various SPF levels. I bought the SPF 60 bottle to maximize my sun protection. This fluid has the consistency of water and manages to soak into the skin without making your skin feel greasy or leaving it tinted white. If anything, it is mattefying.

I used to apply Neutrogena face sunscreen and would attempt to cover the greasy residue with a loose powder. This did not work as well as I would have liked it to, but I made do. I decided to give something else a try when my face burnt after only a 30 minute exposure about an hour after applying the sunscreen that I had been using. It was no longer up to par with my requirements.

Sunscreen is important to me for protecting my skin not just from the pain and redness of a burn but from melanoma and signs of aging. I enjoy my youthful appearance and hope to maintain that. Proper skin protection is just one way that I take care of my face. 

There are other products on the market that are similar to this such as Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defence. I prefer the Ombrelle product as it is more cost friendly and readily available at drugstores. It is much more difficult to find a Kiehl’s if you are on vacation in a more rural area that a drugstore. 

I am going to suggest this product to everyone. If you are not already wearing sun protection on your face everyday then I hope that you will consider adding this to your routine. I apply it on top of my moisturizer before my makeup (if any).

This has no age limit, is not gender specific and is not aimed at any skin type; anyone and everyone can and should be concious of their skin’s health.


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