August Favourites

What a great month August has been! Lovely weather, getting in touch with some old friends, discovering new things and enjoying what time is left in the summer.

To sum it all up, I have made a list of 10 different items, in no particular order, that were part of some of this month’s highlights.

1. Experience – Ronald McDonald House Nothern Alberta

This month I went to the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton with some of my colleagues.  It was my second time volunteering at the house. It was again another heart warming experience which I hope to carry with me through life to remind me about what is important in life. I cannot say enough about this place, and hope that everyone has the chance to volunteer in a place like this that is so full of smiles and love despite the scary reality of the poor health of some of those kids.

2. Food – Ground Turkey

I never would have thought of myself as someone who was chosing turkey over beef. I just could not accept ground turkey as an alternative for the red meat. I finally gave in and tried it, pleasantly surprised that it turned out much more moist that I anticipated the normally dry poultry to be. I have made meatballs, meatloaf and burgers with ground turkey and have enjoyed each of them. You won’t see any recipes just yet though; I need to feel that my recipe is just right before I share it with the world. Maybe later on in September..

3. App – Waterlogged

This app is an easy way to track your water intake and to see how you progress over time. Because I enjoy going into the app and selecting the waterbottle to log what I have drank, I seem to be drinking more and more water everyday. What a great tactic!

4. YouTube – Mamrie Hart

Folks, If you ever drink, like drinking games or even really bad jokes, than this is the YouTube channel for you. Mamrie has a series called You Deserve a Drink which is hilarious. She picks one person each week to name a drink after. The video goes through how to make the drink while Mamrie lays the corny jokes on thick. Once you have made the drink, you can watch the video again and take a drink for every joke or pun. It is a sure way to get tipsy quickly but you can also extend your bar skills.

5. Blog – Career Girl Daily

While being more active in checking out Bloglovin’, I find that most of the posts that I am reading are from Career Girl Daily. Not all their posts are career orientated or even geared specifically towards females. You can be a male or in any stage of your life to find something that may interest you on this blog. That being said, their target audience is women in their 20s who are just starting their career after university/college/school. I wrote a longer post about it earlier this month, feel free to check it out.

6. Tea – Maple Tea from Canada True, Ceylon Tea.

I have had this tea for a long time  but often chose one of my David’s Teas before this one. Maple often enhances other flavours that it is paired with however this tea does not have a maple flavour. The best way that I can describe it is as a watered down black tea. It is a nice transition tea from the green flavours of the summer to the dark black teas during the cold months.

7. Netflix – Still Alice

I blogged about this the other day and am still thinking about the characters from this film. They are a relatable family which I feel made it resonate more so than some other films that I have seen. It reminded me that the horrors of any disease, not just Alzheimer’s can affect any family. If you still have not seen Still Alice then I recommend putting it on your to-do list. 

8. Podcast – Psycho Babble

Psycho Babble is a podcast started by YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. He and his friend Korey babble on about whatever comes to mind for them. It is a light hearted banter type of a podcast. It is like sitting down with a couple of friends and a bottle of wine, getting a belly full of laughter while talking about everything and anything.

9. Beauty Product – Ombrelle Face Ultra Fluid

A product that I did a review on earlier this month, the Ombrelle Face Ultra Fluid is my favourite find and beauty product this month. You can check out the review of this sunscreen for more details.

10. Graphique de France Planner

This is a planner that I bought with the picture of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the cover. It goes from September 2015 to December 2016. I love this planner for the simplicity of the whole thing. There are monthly calendars at the beginning and then there are weekly breakdowns with plenty of space to make notes for each day. There is room for me to keep track of my plans for Lovely Littlest Life, personal appointments, holidays, and chores that I need to get done.  I much prefer writing things down than entering them in my phone, so this works out perfectly for me.
That is all for August’s favourites. Let me know in the comments what one of your favourites things was this month!
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