Personal Challenge: August – Conclusion

Wow! It is the last day of August already! This month has been pretty rewarding: I have been able to have more posts than there are days in the month. I should admit that there was a day that I missed a post but I made up for it with a few days of double posts. 

In what I hope to have been a reaction to the consistency in posting, the number of views that Lovely Littlest Life has seen the past 30 days is comparable to the month of March when I was giving daily updates of my trip to Europe. I have had more than double the traffic of July. I wil take this as a lesson that consistency is key.

Because I have been more diligent on the blog front, I have also been better at exploring other blogs and checking out suggested blogs from Bloglovin’. There are so many amazing bloggers out there, full of wonderful things to share. It has made me more excited than ever to be a part of this community.

Overall I would say that this challenge was beyond successful. It has also inspired some future personal challenges. I will not continue to post 7 days a week, but will try to strive for week days again. Hopefully it will be easier now that I seem to be in the habit of posting daily. I am sure that the odd weekend post will pop up from time to time as well.

Now that August is over, I have an exciting challenge for September. Stay tuned!

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