White Out

I am not someone to have a favourite colour… I have preferences in colour for different things. I like colourful towels, dark vehicles, bright fruits and autumn leaves. For clothings I have almost always prefered jewel tones or black. I have been quite set in my ways when it comes to colours, not having one that gets my attention continuously more than others. I have even taken pride in this attribute, enjoying the variety that the world has to offer. 

I am not sure when it started to happen, but I have come to the realization that I am starting to veer towards one colour. Actually, when it comes to light, it is the blending of all colours. Perhaps all of my preferences have accumulated to this, I do not know.
Some see it as a clean and sterile visual, while others see it as an sign of joyous outdoor fun. It can be a canvas, pure and wholesome or indication of age. There are moments in life where we are filled with joy to be covered in this colour, and other times where we will do anything to hide it from peppering our heads. 

For me, it is a sign of things to come, an unmarked future where I can leave my mark. It is a showcase for the simple things that I care to display. It is a sign of a job well done; clean and unscathed. 

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