Netflix – Bloodline

Today got completely away from me! My plan to post Part 3 of August Empties will need to wait for (hopefully) tomorrow!

I do however want to know who hasn’t watched Bloodline yet?! I am on episode 10 and I am itching to find out what happens next!

Bloodline is a star studded Netflix original series staring our favorite football coach Kyle Chandler in a very different role. In the first few episodes, you think you know what kind of character he is, but as the series progresses, you begin to doubt your opinion and then doubt your doubts. It is an incredibly well written show. 

Each character has many dimensions to them; Sissy Spacek does an amazing job as the mother of the Rayburn family, not letting on to her own secrets and knowledge.

If you have not watched Bloodline yet, I highly suggest it. I will advise however that you need to watch the first three episodes before you are hooked. Once hooked, good luck not wanting to watch all the episodes in a marathon!
Let me know what you cannot get enough of on Netflix, I would love some suggestions for when I am done this series.

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