Personal Challenge: September – Week 1

As a quick coles notes about what this is all about, I give myself a challenge every month to better myself and/or others. This month is all about making my life more simple but decluttering and giving things that I do not need/use to those who could. I broke down the month into 4 topics and am going through those items each week.

This week I am decluttering my clothes!

How often to you look in your closet when getting ready and feel that you cannot find something to wear; that everything is just wasting space in your closet? Well! I took that opportunity, and a recycle bag, to cleanse my clothing collection. Having that bag there since last weekend and adding to it as I would be getting ready in the morning really helped me make the decision of if I should keep things or not. 

This process also helped me give myself smaller projects to do each night. For example, I spent some time one evening this week going through my socks… more than half of my sock drawer had no mate, so they went in the trash. I still have over 20 pairs of socks that I can wear when I need them, but truth be told I do not wear socks all that often.

Although some parts of this task were easy, I did struggle with the more sentimental items. There are quite a few things that I purchased years ago and have never worn. I still find them beautiful but they are taking up space, slowing me down in the morning when I need to find something that I will actually wear.

I also have some items that have my name on them from events (graduation, charity, teams, etc.) that I will not have any need to wear again. I found it incredibly weird to think of someone else wearing them so they made their way to the garbage bag that I also had on hand.

Other items that ended up in the garbage were things with holes, that were stretched out or are not something that should be passed on to someone else (ex. undergarments).

I would just like to say that no one should be keeping underwear that is worn out, ripped or has a hole in it. Let those pieces of clothing be what makes you feel good for yourself when it comes to what you wear because you are probably wearing them everyday regardless of where you are headed. Get rid of the junk that is in those drawers!

By the time I had tackled my closet and small dresser, my garbage bag was half full and my recycle bag was about 3/4 full. I still need to dig out my winter clothes from the basement, so I am sure that the recycle bag will be full.

Now looking at my closet, I have a lot of empty hangers. I think that hangers are a good way to control how large your wardrobe gets. In order to prevent myself from feeling the need to fill on these empty hangers, I am going to take them out of my closet and add them to the pile of items that I will be getting rid of during the household items week.  

I am very happy with the results of this week’s task. I am excited to see if it makes my morning routine more efficient and if I am able to keep things tidy with less items to make a mess.


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