Personal Challenge: September – Week 1.2

Happy Labour Day! I hope that everyone is enjoying their extra day away from work. 

I have taken it as an opportunity to get some more stuff done. Including add to my Week 1 goal of this month’s personal challenge. I decided to expand what it is that I am going through for Week 1 to really make the most of it.

If you read the original Week 1 post, you would be aware that I went through my dresser and closet. What I hadn’t gone through was my seasonal clothing, shoes, jewelry or outdoor wear. Why not take this extra day to get rid of more stuff?

One thing that I have a lot of are socks; big thick fuzzy socks (some with grips on the bottom). They’re great for wearing around the house but no way are they good for going into any kind of footwear. Also because they are so large they take up a lot of drawer space. I knocked down my collection to three pairs. I don’t foresee really needing more than that. 

Check out the bags of stuff that are coming out of my bedroom!

Going through my jewelry was a bit of a different story. I found items that I forgot that I had and can picture wearing with multiples clothing items that I own. I was able to find a few things that I do not want anymore to add to my donation bag. I keep three different containers for me jewelry: 1 for rings, 1 for dainty things (stud earrings, fine necklaces) and a bigger container for larger items (watches, statement pieces, etc.). It was not a huge downsize, but a downsize none the less. Everything is easier to find in each container. I do not shop for these types of items often so I don’t imagine my collection growing anytime soon.


If you are working towards decluttering and are struggling to do so, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:

1) Does this fit my vision for this space? 

Imagine what you want your space too look like and how nice it would be to not feel like you constantly need to tidy up. I am sure many can relate when I say that I end up throwing things on the floor when rummaging around for one particular useful item. Most of what ends up on the floor are those items that I never use. Those are the things that I can get rid of.

2) Does this possession really hold my memories?

We keep so many items because of the memories that they evoke. It is important to remember that it is not those items that keep the memory, but your mind and loved ones that these memories belong to. That being said, it’s not awful to hold on to an item or two, but keeping every clothing item that your child ever wore is going to fill your home with things that you will not use again.

3) Is there a better way to keep your items?

Last time I moved, I decided to get a dresser that is half the size of the one I had. That meant having to put all my shirts on hangers in my closet. This made everything so much easier to find and realize what I didn’t need or want. I am also thinking about getting a digital picture frame for all of my pictures that I do not want to delete off my phone or old phones. This would save the space of having picture frames all of the place as well as a box of old technologies that I won’t use again. When you are done with old electronics, take them to either an Eco Station or a Best Buy to have them recycled. They are no good in a landfill.

4) Do I need it?

Sometimes you need to give yourself a reality check. Do you really need that particular item that you are going back and forth about? If you cannot decide, put it in a box to your front closet. If after a week you have completely forgotten about that item, take the box to either donate or to throw away. Be sure not to leave it in there long term! That would completely defeat the purpose.

5) Do I know someone that would appreciate this more than me?

There are so many charitable groups out there that are constantly looking for items. If you have unopened packages of diapers that your child has grown out of, why not donate to somewhere like the Ronald McDonald House? Didn’t like the new soup that you bought 5 cans of? I am positive that the food bank can find someone who would love it! Also, if you have a bunch of items around your house that a friend keeps leaving behind, return them to them! On the flip side, if you have a bunch of stuff that you left at a friends house, you probably don’t really need it since you have been living without it. Why not go pick up those items, give them a wash and donate them?

These are all questions that I have asked myself when being indecisive. I hope that they can help you too. 

Let me know if you are working on your own personal challenge and how it is going! What are you finding most difficult? Do you have your own tricks that you would like to share? Are you happy with the results?

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