6 Lessons We Can All Learn From Our 6 Year Old Self

Ladies! Yes, you! Oh! Sorry men, some of you could use this too… Listen up!

Let me tell you something about yourself that you probably knew when you were 6 years old but have since forgotten. These are all lessons that I am sure the adults in your life tried to teach you that have since been swept under the rug.

1. Boys/Girl have Cooties

Remember the days when you believed that the opposite sex had cooties and you wanted nothing to do with them? Now as adults we often define ourselves by our relationship status or wonder what is wrong with someone if they are not in one. It is important to know that we are not defined by this status and relationships do not make us better human beings. If you are single, that does not mean that something is wrong with you, it just means you are single. So what? You are amazing without being on someone’s arm.

2. You are Tough

Anytime someone told you that you couldn’t do something you wanted to do it just because they had said that to you. It didn’t matter if that meant getting dirty, physical pain or being late for dinner; you were going to do it. Blisters, scrapes and bruises were something we showed up instead of hid because it was something that we earned by being awesome and daring.

3. Use Your Manners

I am bad for this one, I must confess… My mother used to make me stand there until I used my manners, either apologizing, or using my please and thank yous. Odds are that if you receive a compliment you are flattered but do not want to seem arrogant so tell the person that they are wrong or over exaggerating. Whom ever worked up the courage to give you said compliment does not want to argue with you about it. Take the compliment and say thank you whether you agree or not!

4. First the Worst, Second the Best

Sometimes it pays not to be first. Case and point: new technologies. Sometimes its best to wait until all the bugs are worked out to get something instead of needing to be the first one to own it. Also, it might save you some money to wait.

5. Sticks & Stones…

We rely too much on other people’s opinions. As kids we would even sing that little rhyme in the faces of those who called us names. As grown ups, we let negative comments destroy our self esteem and hopes. If you don’t like what someone says, then don’t listen to them! What really matters is your opinion of yourself and being proud of all the things you have accomplished.

6. If Everyone Else Jumped Off A Bridge… Would you?

Remember those days that you didn’t want to have the same lunch box as anyone else at school? What ever happened to wanting to be different? Darling, you were born to stand out and buying things because they are on trend or everyone else has them isn’t always what is best for you. Buy something because it makes you feel great, not because someone else looked great it in.


I want to hear from you! Let me know what your 6 year old self (or kid) could teach you. You can let me know in the comments, or on social media. Tag me on Twitter (@LLL_moments), Instagram (LovelyLittlestLife) or send me a Snapchat (LovelyLittest).


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