5 Things that I Would Rather Buy Online

We have all experienced that moment when we are buying something and are too shy to look at the person at till in the eye in fear that we are being judged for our purchase. Luckily, in this day and age, you can buy pretty much anything online. Some items you cannot find anywhere other than online or are insanely overpriced in stores. Here are 5 things that I prefer to buy off the internet:

1) Wax
For some reason, I get embarrassed buying personal grooming items at the drugstore (yet here I am posting on the internet that I do it). It also helps that the type of wax I prefer is easy to find on Amazon and it will be shipped straight to my door.
2) Eye shadow
My favourite eye shadow is made by a company called Makeup Geek. Makeup Geek cosmetics are only available online. It can be tricky to purchase things like makeup online because you do not get to see the true color and texture. Luckily there are countless YouTube videos of people using these shadows and I took that as my guide for what would work best for me.
3) Small Household Appliances
If you have an ebates account, it pays to buy things online. Shop.ca will normally have a 20% rebate for anything you buy and the regular price can be less than what you can find in store. It can really pay off!
4) Accessories for my iPhone & iPad
There are so many online options out there for phone covers! Etsy is full of one of a kind products for those who want something different than anyone else.
5) Books
Books have such a large markup in store! Go look at Indigo.ca and compare the price to buy a book online from there vs. one of their stores. You can now even collect their points online and receive free shipping on most purchases.


Online shopping is a great resource for people living in more rural areas of the world or who may have restrictions to leaving their home (maybe a new baby or they are under the weather). Now that you know my 5 things that I prefer to purchase online, let me know in the comments what you are buying online!


  1. Awesome post Kelsey – I’m really wanting to try out the MUG range, they look gorgeous! I need to start buying more online… especially coming up to this time of year when everyone starts getting their serious shopping heads on! lol XX


    • Oh my goodness! I may need to do a post of recommended MUG shadows to start with. I made the decision to only buy what would fit in 1 z-palette as they are all so lovely. Your colouring doesn’t seem much different than mine so I am sure that most of the same colours would compliment us both 🙂

      If you do end up buying some, I hope you post about it. I love your blog and read it pretty often! I have even discovered other blogs that I like from your Behind the Blog series. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think we do indeed have a very similar colouring huni so I’m sure what would suit one of us would surely the other *woo hoo* hehe 😀 Ahh I have to get treating myself to these shadows, they look soooo good!! I’ll definitely post if I do manage to top up my collection with them 🙂 Awwwh thank you SOOO much for such an awesome compliment lovely lady – that has totally made my day *huge hugs* XXXXX

        Liked by 1 person

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