5 Things to Never Buy Online

In a follow up to yesterday’s 5 Things I Would Rather Buy Online, here are 5 things I wouldn’t buy online and why:

1) Shoes

A size 8 can fit so many different ways that it would be such a hassel to try shoes on and have to return them until you had a comfortable pair of shoes that I would much prefer going to a store to find something that I liked and fit my foot properly. Even if it is the right size, doesn’t mean that the arch in the shoe will be comfortable for you. Save yourself the guessing game and go to the store!

2) Foundation 

In junxaposition to yesterday’s post, there is some makeup that I would buy online and some that I wouldn’t. Unless you know which color you need, buying something like foundation is tough enough in the store. Guessing by pictures online if a colour will match your skin is about as useful as spinning a wheel. At least an eyeshadow that turns out to be different than you thought won’t make you end up looking like a pumpkin like a foundation could!

3) House

MLS is fun to explore when day dreaming about houses above the Average Joe’s price range. It is important to remember that a real estate agent has probably staged the house to look its best and that rooms are never as large as they appear. If you can, avoid buying a house without seeing it in person first! You spend so much money on your home and it would be awful to have buyers remorse.

4) Vehicles

Bikes, trains, planes and automobiles… none of these should b e purchased without test driving. You need to make sure that you can sit in it comfortably, drive it like a champ and have room for any passengers or stinky hockey equipment that you have acquired over time.

5) Pets

You should ALWAYS know where you are getting your pets from. You should see how the animals are being treated before deciding to take your business there. You should also see how you get along with the animal before taking it home. Getting a pet is a lifestyle change so please consider if having a pet will really work for you. If should never be an impulse buy.



There you have it! The 5 things that  I don’t think anyone should buy online. Let me know if there is an item that you think should’ve been included on this list. If you have any horror stories of online purchases not being what you thought you bought, I want to hear them!

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