Personal Challenge: September – Week 3

For the 3rd week of this month’s personal challenge, I went through my kitchen and got rid of some items. 

Perishable items were disposed of and unopened, non-perishable items that will go unused have been pulled out of the cupboards to be donated to the food bank.

I have not lived in this house for that long so I do not have a lot of items to donate. I feel that it is better to do it while the number of items is low and hasn’t built up. I will need to remind myself to do this every so often.

I can see this being a great task for families who bought something that their kids won’t eat or have developed food allergies. Just because your family isn’t eating something, doesn’t mean another won’t. There are too many starving people in the community to let this food go to waste.

If you feel that you are too busy shuttling your kids around to get to the food bank, a lot of schools will take snack and lunch items to help feed the kids who comes to school without a lunch. Just some food for thought (pun intended!). 

Next week is the fourth and final week where I will be purging unwanted household items. 

Has anyone else given themself a personal challenge this month? If so, please feel free to share about it or put up a link to your own post about cleaning out things that you are not using anymore.

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