David’s Tea Fall 2015 Haul

Fall tea season is upon us; yet another reason why fall is the best of the four seasons!
One of the girls from work and I spent a lunch break at the mall, getting some deeply delicious teas.

As I am continuing to try and simplify my belongings, I only purchased three teas which I know I can easily get through this fall/winter.

1) Pumpkin Chai

A repurchase from last fall, I love this tea. The smooth flavour is not too rich which makes it easy to drink all day long. I have always been a fan of chai teas, but the addition of the pumpkin flavour is really something special. I will need to make myself some lattes with this for sure!

2) Chocolate Macaroon

Are you familiar with those chocolate, coconut, oatmeal no bake cookies? Well that is EXACTLY what this tea tastes like. Another repurchase from last year, I will drink this tea after meals or when my sweet tooth has a hankering. This could be a good choice for anyone who wants to cut back on their treats but still satisfy their cravings.

3) Peanut Butter Cup

This was a new flavour for me. Once I got back to the office, I ripped it open and made myself a cup. This is not the kind of tea to leave steeping for too long as the tea will unfortunately get bitter. Let it steep for a couple of minutes and then throw out the tea bag (assuming that you used a bag). Because of that, this is not a tea that I would  recommend using your french press for. It does without a doubt taste like a peanut butter cup but I am not sure how much I like the flavour in liquid form or that if it will end up being a repurchase. Time will tell!

Have you made any recent tea purchases? Let me know what your favourite fall flavours are!


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