Personal Challenge: September – Week 4/Conclusion

Welcome to the final submission for this September’s personal challenge. If you are unfamiliar with Lovely Littlest Life’s Personal Challenges, there is a bit of an explanation in the first personal challenge of this month.

In this fourth and final week, I have gone through my belongings and set aside items that I do not use and would not be needed if I were to ever get my own place. Some of these items include battery operated candles, an IKEA lamp, some stacking trays and decorational boxes. It may not be a truck load, but it is still decluttering. Every bit counts.

These items will be donated with the clothes that I rounded up in the first week. There may even be some more clothes that I have decided I do not need anymore as well to toss in.
Overall I am incredibly satisfied with this month’s challenge. I have cleared out unused items from my home and will hopefully continue to do so. With less clutter I find that there is less stress, and less wasted time from either digging through it or cleaning it up. I am also able to enjoy the items that I do have even more when there are not surrounded by things that I care nothing about or don’t use.

I hope that you and whom ever else is reading this will make the decision to throw away some of their junk and make room for empty space in their lives.


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