Project 10 Pan: Fall/Winter 2015

Why hello there blogosphere!

For the larger part of this year thus far, I worked my way through my first Project 10 Pan. I was able to finish a lot of products that I normally wouldn’t use. As it have come to the realization that there are some seasonal items in my collection that are growing old, I am going to do another Project 10 Pan, this time focusing on items that are fall/winter items.This project will work a bit differently than the last. I will pick 10 items, or group of items, to work my way through. There will be a deadline of March 31, 2016 to get through as many items as I possible can between now and then.

All of the items chosen are left over from last winter (or old) and need to be emptied!

  1. Cream and Liquid Eyeshadows

I have 4 Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows and 2 CoverGirl bombshell liquid shadows. My preference is for powdered shadows so will need to make the effort to use these up. I have doubts that any of them will be repurchases down the line but who knows, maybe I will learn to love them.

2. Loose Powders

Continuing on from the previous project, I really do need to finish off my NYC loose powder. I have a couple of loose powders but it seems to me that my preference lays with pressed. I need to use these up so I can get onto using my pressed ones.

3.  Josie Maran Products

I bought a box set last fall from Josie Maran. Most of the items that came I absolutely love. There are a couple of things such as the Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee that I could do without. I imagine that some of the items may end up as repurchases, but I need to finish what I have to make room for them.

4. EOS Lip Balms

Spoiler! I have been starting to finish some of my EOS lip balm balls up that I got around Christmas time last year but I still have  a couple that look practically untouched. I have enjoyed these balms but I feel like there must be something else even better out there that I may be missing out on. It has almost been two years since I have tried anything else. What will hopefully speed this up is if I have them all in different places: one on my nightstand, one in the car, one at my desk, one in my purse, etc.

5. Gerard Cosmetics Lip Glosses

I, like many others, went online and purchased the Jaclyn Hill lip glosses from Gerard Cosmetics. She created a few colours with them, including some lipsticks, but I only got the glosses. I have both Butter Cream and Rose Hill. They are fine quality wise but I feel that overtime their quality seems to drop.. to be expected with any item though. I do need to say however that the concept with the packaging is great – a mirror on the side of the tube and a self lit wand. Genius!

6. Hairspray

I have two bottles of hairspray, both from different companies. I do not use a lot of it and I couldn’t tell you how old these bottles are. Even if I could get through I bottle, that would be great.

7. St Tropez Self Tanner

I. Love. This. Stuff. I however, have not gone through it very quickly and am starting to notice that the coverage is borderline streaky. The larger bottle of mousse that I have is probably almost two years old, and my travel sizes are coming up on a year. I should use these up and then move on to either a new bottle or try a different brand.

8. Lotions

I have a St. Ives Spray on lotion that has left me feeling greasy. Because of this I have only used it a handful of times. I should use it up, especially during these winter months when it gets super dry. I also have a tinted lotion from Hawaiian Tropic that I should use to help prolong my St Tropez tan!

9. Foil Packs

So many stores give you foil packs when you make a purchase so that you can test new products. I always seem to keep them but not use them and have created quite the collection. I have also included my teeth whitening strips and Biore nose strips since they are also in foil packs.

10. Samples Perfumes

Some may consider this an extension of the foil packs, but I have a small collection of tiny vials full of perfume. I desperate want to get back to wearing Flowerbomb on a regular basis but that does nothing for decluttering these items. After all, I am always after living a more simple, clutter free life. Some of the samples that I have are Elizabeth & James: Nirvana Black, Hermes: Le Jardin De Monsieur Li, Dior: J’adore, Tom Ford: Velvet Orchid, DKNY: My NY, Hanae Mori, Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue, & Victor & Rolf: Spicebomb.


Is anyone else wanting to use up some old products? If you are blogging about please post a link in the comment section, I would love to give it a read. If you are not a blogger, you are more than welcome to tell me about it!

Wish me luck!



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