What is in my Bag?

I enjoy posts that let us see into the life of bloggers & vlogges, particularly when it comes to what they keep in their bags. I am often baffled by the number of items that they keep in there, not just for the amount of items in a small space but by the weight that they are constantly bearing on their arms and shoulders.

I myself chose to carry a small bag. Because less junk if able to accumulate there, I see two benefits: 1, less strain on my back and 2, I can actually find things when I need them.

My small orange faux leather cross body purse has taken a bit of a beating. It is my purse for all occasions and has been for a couple of years. It was purchased at Simon’s by my mother for a Christmas present.

Other than the size, there are some great aspects to this bag: the zippers keep everything contained in case I ever find myself on a rollercoaster (it happens more than you’d think). The front flap is extra security in addition to the zippers when it comes to potential thugs wanting in on my possessions. I have never been robbed and I hope that that doesn’t change.

In the large main pocket I keep 3 main items:
1. My leather Fossil wallet
2. A small notebook to write down any lists or blog ideas
3. My receipt folder for keeping track of my spending or knowing where my receipts are to claim either on work expenses or my favourite rebate apps

The front pocket is more fluid with it’s contents. Today there is my lululemon gift card holder, repurposed to hold all of my gift cards. This is a necessity for me as I seem to acquire gift cards more quickly than I spend them. There is also my babylips lip gloss which could be swapped out at any time for any number of lip products.

There is also a zip up section in the back of my purse. Typically this is where I can find my keys and work access card.

Voila! The contents of my purse. I hope that you enjoyed this here blog.


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