Personal Challenge: October

Here we are at the first day of October. This month’s personal challenge is going to be a bit different. 

A lot of days you will see two posts. 1 will be my regular content and the other will be part of my personal challenge. 

A couple of people have made the comment that I do not get very personal on Lovely Littlest Life and that it can be hard to relate to someone that the reader doesn’t now much about. 

On Pinterest I found a list of a 30 day writing challenge that I am going to work through starting tomorrow. This will cover weekends as well, taking us all the way up to Halloween.

I am not sure at this point what I will get out of this, but I hope that it will have some positive impact. I am worried that this will be more work than what I am used to, but maybe not since the topics are already picked out for me.

Here is the list that I will be following:



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