10 Years From Now (PC)

Yikes! 10 years from now seems so incredibly far away… I think about what I was doing 10 years ago… everything is so different now. My life was consumed with dance classes, girl guides and jr. high school. 10 years from now and I could really be doing anything!

None the less, the task is to talk about where I see myself in 10 years.
When it comes to my work, I hope that I have found a niche that I excel at. I do not need to be the best, but I do want to have a passion for it. I want to be someone that people trust to come to, knowing that I will do an outstanding job and cover all aspects.
Personally I hope that I have a dog. I better have my own place by then and have seen more of this big beautiful world. you may expect me to say married with babies or something, but that is not something that I am going to do just because I have reached a certain age. I need to find the right person first. If I am in that position, then wonderful, but I am not going to let that dream prevent me from having other dreams too. A dog is something I should be able to have some control over getting… marriage takes two 😉

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