A Week Around Canada: Day 1 – Vancouver

To kick off this week’s themed posts we are going to hear about Vancouver. I knew immediately who I wanted to send my questions to. This friend of mine, who has been asked to be referred to as “Mr. Awesome”, loves Vancouver and tells us frequently about how he thinks it is so wonderful. I myself have never been so am happy to share his opinion with you.

Kelsey (K): Where are you from?

Mr. Awesome (Mr. A):  Vancouver, BC

K: How long have you lived there?

Mr. A: 20 years

K: What is your favourite part about living there?

Mr. A: Great food, access to both an urban and suburban lifestyle

K: What is the weather like there today (mid-September)?

Mr. A: 14 degrees, partially sunny

K: What are the winters like there?

Mr. A: Rain, usually around 5 degrees. Occasional snow every now and then, but nothing too crazy.

K: How much snow, if any, do you tend to get there?

Mr. A: On average, like 5cm? Sometimes more, but it’s rare.

K: What is your area known for?

Mr. A: Being one of the most desired places to live in the world.

K: What would you say is one of the biggest misconceptions about it?

Mr. A: Vancouver only has rain – not true!

K: Would you say that there is an image that symbolizes the region?

Mr. A: Water + Mountains + City

K: What is something that you think everyone should experience about British Columbia?

Mr. A: Whistler

K: If someone were to visit Vancouver, what is the first thing they should do?

Mr. A: Have sushi!

K: Where is the best place to eat?

Mr. A: Seafood on Granville Island

K: What kind of fish can be found in your area?

Mr. A: Salmon, tuna, swordfish, halibut, trout, etc. Too many to list.

K: What are the main industries in the area?

Mr. A: Forestry and fishing

K: If you could live anywhere in Canada, where would it be and why?

Mr. A: Vancouver, you get both the nature and city aspects in your life.

K: What does it mean to you to be from British Columbia?

Mr. A: Canucks > Oilers

K: What does it mean to you to be Canadian?

Mr. A: Freedom

I would like to thank “Mr. Awesome” for answering all my questions. Clearly he loves being from Vancouver and eating seafood. Maybe one day I will make it out there and treat him to some sushi as payment for contributing to Lovely Littlest Life.


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