My Views on Religion (PC)

There is a lot that could be said regarding religion. I grew up going to a Catholic school and only knew about what it meant to be part of the one church.

I, like many others, only knew what I heard from in the media about other religions such as Islam.

I am thankful for my Religion 10 teacher because she gave us a final project to learn about a religion other than our own. I was assigned Islam and was able to learn more than I could have imagined. My perspective completely changed. Everything that I had thoughts prior to that project were proven wrong by doing some research. The grade on that assignment was high enough for me to bypass the final exam.

In University my understanding of different religions spread. I had a world religion course that covered off on many religions. What I learnt was that religions all seem to be based on the same thing: love.

It is so sad to know how much hatred has come from people who have different religious views. There have been so many deaths and wars around the world throughout history because of these different perspectives.

I find it so unnecessary. I hope that we can learn to embrace our differences and be kind to one another.

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