100 Subscribers!

Holy moly! Somebody pinch me!

Ummm THANK YOU to each and every single one of you, subscriber or not, who takes time out of their day to read Lovely Littlest Life. To know that there are over 100 people out that who want to be notified whenever I have something to say is mind blowing. Although I do know some of you, most of you I have never met. That makes it even more special to me.

This blog is more than something to pass the time. It is an outlet, a hobby and a ritual that forces me to take time for myself. To know that there are others who are impacted even the slightest tickles me pink. Each and every one of you helps make Lovely Littlest Life even more lovely.

As a bit of a thank you, I have an offer for you: I would like to feature some of the bloggers who subscribe, highlighting what makes their lives so lovely. I would like to do this, one blog per week for the rest of 2015.  Comment below if you would be ok with me featuring your blog 🙂


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