A Week Around Canada: Day 3 – Toronto

Continuing east, we are hitting up the center for the universe… I mean Toronto… to see what life is like there. I have only visited there once and it was a very short visit. I have often wondered what it is like to actually like there. Luckily for me, I happen to know someone who lives there! Here is what he had to say about being a Torontonian.

Kelsey (K): What is the weather like there today?

Andrew (A): Chilly, about 15 degrees, a few rain drops here and there

K: In the winter, how much snow do you tend to get there?

A: Snow comes in heaps, normally we get a cumulative 5 feet of snow probably in a season.

K: What is your neighbourhood known for in Toronto?

A: My neighbourhood is known for 3 things, the best restaurants, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and hipsters.

K: Can you name a few (in)famous names of Torontonians?

A: Other than Rob Ford?? Margaret Atwood, Christopher Plummer, Jim Carey, Keanu Reeves and Drake

K: What would you say is one of the biggest misconceptions about the GTA?

A: That we are all rude, it seems a lot of people in Canada dislike people from Toronto. Most of us really are nice!

K: To you, what would you say is an image that symbolizes the region?

A: The CN Tower for sure.

K: What is the best part about living there?

A: There is always something new and exciting to do or try. My neighbourhood is a relatively quiet one for living downtown, there is a sense of community, I often leave my doors unlocked and do not feel unsafe to walk around at night.

K: What should everyone experience about Ontario?

A: Being at the top of the cn tower is cool yet scary at the same time; Niagara Falls is awesome and so is Ottawa, but I’d recommend going to wine country! Prince Edward county or Niagara-on-the-Lake are great.

K: What is the first thing that visitors should do when they get to Toronto?

A: Roam around Toronto! You’ll never run out of things to do or people to watch.

K: What are some local delicacies?

A: Down the road in Niagara I think that is where ice wine started?

K: In your opinion, where is the best place to eat?

A: This is a big question, one I can’t answer with just one restaurant. best Italian: Campagnolo; Best sushi: Bazara; Best Brunch: Aunties and Uncles; Best steak: Michaels on Simcoe; personal favourite overall? Midfield Wine bar.

K: Are there any “best kept secrets” that the locals have to go to eat?

A: Cafe Diplomtico is a true gem, while the food other than the pizza is average at best, the pizza is awesome. I recommend and off menu pizza: Alla Milano. Service is always top notch, and they really care about their regulars. It has one of the best and busiest patios in Toronto. Another best kept secret would be California Sandwiches (best veal sandwich in TO!) and Bitondo’s Pizza for the best single slices!

Well as a bit of a foodie, I may need to go to Toronto one day! Sounds like some good eats! Thanks to Andrew for answering my pages of questions (this is just a few of them!) and supporting Lovely Littlest Life.

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