30 Interesting Facts About Me (PC)

I am behind on my personal challenge posts! Here is the post that was supposed to go up yesterday! Sorry guys!!

1. I played the euphonium in grade 9 and called it Baby.
2. I am allergic to grass
3. I love Gene Kelly movies, especially Singing in the Rain
4. I am Bilingual (French & English)
5. I do not have a favourite colour
6. I love drinking tea
7. I have never had a cup of coffee
8. My favourite food in Germany was the pork knuckle
9. I love bacon, especially thick cut smoked maple bacon
10. I was only ever able to do the splits with my left leg in front
11. I cannot roll my tongue
12. My eyes appear to be different colours depending on the lighting
13. I moved away from my home town when I was 16
14. I have one brother and no sisters
15. I am lactose intolerant
16. I did a semester of university in Quebec
17. I love cooking & baking
18. I was baptized in the catholic church
19. I have read the whole Harry Potter series more than once
20. I stopped growing in elementary school
21. I used to hate olives but now I enjoy them
22. I was a rink rat as a kid
23. I do not enjoy hockey
24. Like Napoleon Dynamite, I love tater tots
25. I have never tried Tinder
26. I love my job, which I never thought of having
27. Netflix is my nemesis – cannot get enough!
28. I deleted Facebook from my phone so I wouldn’t be so anti-social around people
29. I like to write things by hand before typing them
30. I hate the cursor pad on laptops, mouse all the way!

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