A Week Around Canada: Day 5 – Nova Scotia

On this lovely Friday we are going all the way to the East coast to learn about what it is like to live I Nova Scotia! I have never been that far East, but hopefully will make it there. The history in Halifax fascinates me.

Kelsey (K): Which city or town are you from in Nova Scotia?

Pam (P): Grew up in Shubenacadie, also lived in Halifax and Beaverbank

K: What are the winters like there?

P: Damp Cold. Usually mostly Ice and Freezing Rain with big storms and dumps of snow that are gone within a few days.

K: How much snow, if any, do you tend to get there?

P: It gets lots of snow; usually big storms throughout the year that dump snow. Depending on the area of the province, the average snowfall is between 60-85 inches.

K: What is your area known for?

P: Shubenacadie is known for the Wildlife Park. Where Shubenacadie Sam is located. The Groundhog that predicts the spring at least for the Eastern part of Canada.

K: Could you share with us the names of some famous people from Nova Scotia?

P: Nova Scotia in general has a few. If you are into Hockey, Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand , Musicians – Sloan, Joel Plaskett, the Stanfields, The Trews and April Wine, TV/Movies-Ellen Page and The Trailor Park Boys was originally filmed just down the road from where I lived.

K: Are there any historical events that took place there that affected the whole country?

P: Pier 21 is located in Halifax and is the location that most immigrants between 1928 and 1971 entered Canada. There were many battles between the French and British over land before the British finally won. So there are still to this day many old forts.

K: What is your favourite part about living there?

P: Having the Ocean so close, and lots of lakes for swimming in the summer and skating in the winter

K: What is something that you think everyone should experience about Nova Scotia?

P: The many hidden Beaches, as well as Tidal Bore rafting.

K: If you could live anywhere in Canada, where would it be and why?

P: That is a tough one. Nova Scotia is a beautiful province and has a lot to offer, other than work! I would like to explore more of British Columbia along the coast. As it has a little bit of everything it seems with the Ocean and Mountains so close.

K: Are there any local delicacies?

P: Donairs, and of course lots of Seafood. Lobster, Mussels, Clams etc.

K: Where is the best place to eat?

P: There are a lot of great places in Halifax. It is known for its pubs in the downtown area, and lots of little restaurants around the province with homemade cooking.

K: What kind of fish can be found in your area?

P: Lots! Speckled, Rainbow and Brown Trout. Atlantic salmon, Small Mouth and Striped/Sea Bass, Mackerel. I’m sure there is more but these are the ones I have seen and fished for.

My mouth is watering thinking of all that fresh shell fish! We do not get that too fresh here in Alberta. I do love seafood so I am sure that I would adore visiting Nova Scotia!

Over this week we have seen a peak into the lives of 5 different areas in Canada. To be honest, I want to visit them all! They all represent different the diversity and culture that we have in this ginormous land. There is so much to see without having to get out our passports!

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