My Day in Bullet Points (PC)

– Alarm goes off at 5:45
– Check my emails and blog stats
– Give Bloglovin’ a quick glance for good reads & inspiration
– Wash my face & brush my teeth
– Do my hair & makeup for work
– Get dressed
– Make my bed
– Grab my lunch
– Take the garbage out to the street
– Drive to work
– Work
– Eat Lunch
– Check blog stats
– Give Bloglovin’ another glance
– Make a To Do list of things I need to do this week
– Work
– Drive home
– Put in a load of laundry
– Make & eat supper while watching Netflix
– Change out laundry
– Draft posts for tomorrow
– Make a pot of Chocolate Macaroon tea
– Put laundry away
– Work on my homework
– Get ready for bed
– Read some of Yes Please by Amy Poehler
– Hit the hay


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