Somewhere I Would Like To Travel (PC)

I would love to visit Greece! There are so many reasons why I’d love to go there.

First off, there is so much history and mythology there. I think that it would be incredible to see where the Olympics originated, learn more about the grecian gods and about all of the different fundamental technologies that started in that area of the world. 

Second off, the food. Hummus, tzatziki, souvlaki, calamari, olives, you name it, I want to try it! 

Third, the geographical and architectural beauty. I want to see the ruins in Athens, the domed houses on the coast and the beautiful mediterainian waters. Every picture that I have seen pushes me a little more to go.

Last, but certainly not least, is their culture. I have heard that the people there are wonderful. I am sure there are some habits to be picked up from them that would make life even more sweet. 


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