Canada Prepares to Vote: A look at the Conservative Party

This is the first of 3 posts this week that will be highlighting the platforms of the 3 big parties running for parliament here in Canada. This post will be followed up in the next couple of days by features on the NDP & Liberal parties. I have not yet made the decision on who to vote for, so what is here is completely unbiased. I do hope that this encourages my fellow Canadians to decide who should get their vote and then get out and vote come Monday.


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the leader of the Conservative Party and is running for re-election in the upcoming Federal Election.

At, you can learn more about their general platform. Right from the get go you can see an icon saying Protect our Economy. Directly under that there is a banner of items on how they plan to do that. Here is a list of those items with a small synopsis on what their site claims.

  • Protecting our Economy
    • Balanced budget, lower taxes (mention of a tax lock legislations), more and better jobs, expanded trade (trans-pacific partnership), family home (new support to buy homes), and supporting seniors (tax relief for the single & widowed).


  • A Balanced Budget & Low Taxes 
    • Repeating from the point above, the Conservatives are aiming to ensure that the budget remain balanced, that the government controls their spending, keep taxes (ex. GST) low as well as pass “tax lock” legislation, and continue to reduce Canada’s debt.


  • A Stronger Economy 
    • Another term under the Conservative government should bring about 1.3 million new job by 2020, cut taxes for small businesses by 2%, lower payroll taxes on small businesses and workers by more than 20%, implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, provide incentives to purchase equipment & invest in new technologies as well as granting tax relief for companies who hire apprentices.


  • Hard-working Families & Seniors 
    • This should see the establishment of a Home Reno Tax Credit, an increase in the First-time Home Buyer’s Plan by 40% which should result in over 700,000 new homeowners by 2020, double education & disability grants for low & middle-income families, tax relief for single & widowed seniors


  • A More Secure Canada 
    • Should the Conservatives be successful in this election, they plan on continuing to participate in the coalition against ISI, enact “Declared Areas” legislation to prosecute foreign fighters, defend the North, support persecuted religious minorities and expand the Reserves & Special Operations Forces.


  • Safe Streets 
    • “Life Means Life” legislation to prevent the chance of parole for major crimes, expand the anti-drug strategy, crack down on gangs & protect seniors from fraud.


  • Strong Communities
    • Conservatives want to win your vote by promising to invest in historic public infrastructure, provide tax relief to those in service clubs, continue to support health care, fund health research, support rural areas, and impose a moratorium on Senate appointments.



Overall, it sounds like they want to increase spending while decreasing taxes. Last time I checked, that is how you end up in a deficit… I am not convinced that the Conservatives will get my vote based on this. There is a load of more information on the conservative’s website about what they plan to do should Stephen Harper remain our Prime Minister.

Not only do they have their website but they also have a Facebook Account, Twitter (@CPC_HQ & @pmharper) and a YouTube channel (cpcpcc).

I would like to add that at the bottom of their homepage is a running banner with “breaking” news… which is actually just a bashing of the competitors… Personally I think that is shameful to get down to this level. As Canadians aren’t we supposed to be kind. That is not very nice!

For general information regarding the election, or to register to vote, head to


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