My Beliefs (PC)

I grew up going to a catholic school and being taught the Christian way of life. I am thankful for the upbringing and the sense of community that it brought but I cannot say that the church aligns with all of my beliefs. 

By no means do I mean to bash the Catholic Church, or any church for that matter but through my own experiences, I have learnt that it is best for me to believe in myself.

I have the ability to be not only my own worst enemy but my own best friend. I can make decisions that can benefit me or tear me down. Because of the values and virtues that I was instilled with, it is important to me that these decisions do not hurt others. There are times however where I need to do what is best for me even if it may hurt someone’s feelings. Those are never easy decisions.

I believe that there is no one to blame other than myself for where my life is at and where it is going. If I want something, I need to earn it. 

I believe that there is value in doing the right thing even if it isn’t easy. I believe that it is important to do our best to build our own self esteem as well as help those around us build their’s. 

My beliefs are that it takes a thousand compliments to build someone up but only one insult to tear them down. I do not want to be that wreaking ball. 

I am ok with people doing these things in the name of God, but I do it in the name of me. I have to live with myself, my decisions and my actions. My impact on the world, no matter how small, is my burden to bare. I will do what I can to make myself proud of me, my toughest critic. 

I am happy to give myself something to believe in. Do you believe in you?


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