App Review: Trivia Crack

This app was named well. It is like crack – highly addictive! I have a love/hate relationship with this app. I cannot stop playing games and love getting answers right but I hate waiting for others to respond or play their turn! The have 2 days to play their turn when I wish they had 2 minutes!

That being said, it is probably best that they have a two day wait period…. that way I get other things done in my life other than playing a pointless game on my phone.

Much like Trivia Pursuit, this game has different categories that are represented by colours. Trivia Crack has different colored characters as well that is shaped in conjunction with their theme.

You have the option to play either format: challenge or classic.

Challenge consists of numerous players being asked the same question. The player who answers the most questions correctly in the least amount of time wins. The challenge takes a few short minutes to play and varies in topics.

The Classic game involves virtually spinning a wheel and answering a question related to the topic that you land on. Once you have answered 3 questions correctly or land on the crown field of the wheel, you have the chance to earn a character. Beat your opponent to all 6 characters and win the game!

Like most app games you only have so many lives. You can start up to 3 games at a time, waiting until your new lives accumulate (1 hour each).

While you wait for other players to use their turn, you can send messages to other players. There is also the opportunity to create your own questions, provide feedback on other questions and even translate questions from other areas of the world.

There is also a feature were you can collect what looks like a trading card that provides you with various benefits. You can have 3 cards in you deck at a time. Some provide coins, extra lives, diamonds (used to buy more cards). The down side is that you can only have 3 at a time. You do not need to pay any attention to this feature however in order to play.

All in all, this app keeps me very entertained. It is a simple game but like I said, highly addictive.


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