Disrespecting Your Parents (PC)

Disrespecting your parents is something that I am pretty sure everyone has done (sorry mom and dad!). As I have gotten older, my perspective on this topic has changed. I used to feel that everyone was entitled to share their opinion no matter how cruel. Parents were bound to give you unconditional love anyways right?

Now if I hear anyone say something that could be taken negatively towards my parents, I get defensive. That’s my mom they’re talking to! No one can talk to her that way! Luckily for me my parents have thick skin and roll pretty good with the punches. Most of the time they have to calm me down because I take more offense to things than they do.

I only have one mom and dad so I better treat them with respect. They spent a long time shaping me into the person that I am and spent countless hours driving me from Girl Guide camp, band excursions, dance classes and sleepovers. Best be making it up to them for all that they have done and continue to do for me.


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