How Important Education Is To Me (PC)

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved school. I loved to get ready for school, go to school, to learn, read, do projects… but I despised exams!

I think that I didn’t like exams because I was not very good at them. I did well on assignments, participation, etc. but would nearly fail an exam.

At first it wasn’t so bad. Exams weren’t worth much when you’re still small. As you get older, the weight of your exams gets heavier and my average dropped by a good 20%.

Even in University, you could tell what I was graded on based on my mark. If it were assignments, strong marks; exams and I was nearly failing.

My opinion of education is based on that. Just because someone doesn’t have stellar marks does not mean that they haven’t learnt anything. I am not sure what the true test is to find out if we have learned something, but for me I know that exams is not one of them.

It is great to earn degrees and have accreditation but I think that we get too caught up in that. Some people learn on the fly with no education at all and end up doing a much better job than those with masters degrees. Sometimes it is those without the formal education who become our innovators and push us to new limits. So often our education paints the world for us in black and white; right or wrong.

I am happy that I got my degree, don’t get me wrong, but it has nothing to do with the line of work that I am in now nor do I imagine that I will ever have a career in psychology or music.

I think that the process of getting my degree is what taught me the most valuable lessons. Those years were filled with so much stress, so many restless nights and so much pressure from so many people. If I went out I got criticized for not studying enough, if I stayed in then I wasn’t social enough… there never seemed to be a happy medium. I had to learn to drown that out and to enjoy my own life, take the classes that I wanted and not worry about the rest.

Education is not just in a class room. It is in self-reflection and pushing ourselves beyond our current limits whether that be with information, flexibility, stress or trying new things and exploring. Without those things, we don’t grow. I want to grow. I want to see more of this world, more aspects of myself and more of the people who I love. I crave that education. I want to learn more about my heritage, and those of so many others to see what has made this world so gosh darn beautiful. Never stop learning. Grow. Always.



  1. I totally agree with you. Having school is important but a lot of us forget that we need to continue learning on our own. Just because school is done isn’t an excuse to not keep growing your knowledge and development as a person.


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