A Favourite Show (PC)

As my friend, you must know that I have a [slight] addition to Netflix.

Right now I am making my way through Once Upon A Time. When the first two seasons aired on TV, I watched it religiously  but got busy with life and stopped watching. I have not yet made it through to any episodes that I have not seen yet, but I am excited to get there. A few more to go!

I love this show because it makes me feel okay about all my childhood fantasies of being a princess/hero/magical being. I can live vicariously though these characters stuck in Storybrook, Maine. It is not the best show when it comes to stimulating content that pushes you to think outside of the box, but that is okay. TV is meant to be mind numbing sometimes. It’s nice to grab a glass of your favorite drink, put your feet up and zone out for an hour.

I do not currently have a TV but I am normally glues to my iPad when I have food in the oven or when I am waiting for my laundry to finish… guess what I will be doing tonight 😉


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