YouTube Worth Checking Out: Ashley Landry

Normally I will mention blogs that I think are worth checking out, but today I want to share with you who I think is an up and coming YouTube beauty sensation.


Ashley Landry has been on YouTube just shy of a month but has some great tutorial videos honing her makeup skills.


photo from

I started following Ashley on Instagram a few months back and was always jealous about how great her makeup was. I was in awe and shocked that she didn’t have a YouTube channel. So, as you can guess, I was super stoked when she took the plunge.

Watching her videos I feel like I am hanging out with a gal pal, getting the juice on different products while being in awe of her skills. I wish I knew this girl so she could do my makeup!

Folks, I am telling you that this girl is great. If you like Jaclyn Hill, Makeup Geek, Tati, or beauty guru whomever on YouTube, you have got to check this girl out! I think that she is going to blow up. Just think, you could be one of the first few people to see her videos.

Another fun thing about Ashley’s videos is that she has dogs and they like to make an appearance behind the scenes. Literally, they will start barking at the mail man mid-video.

If you want to check Ashley out, she also has a blog and an Instagram account full of all things makeup.


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