Hello Adele!

Hello… Hello? Hello!
Look who is back! Adele!

adeleThis heavenly voice that she possesses has graced our presence again and I am elated to award my ears with its sound. I love her voice, her music, her thick eyeliner, attitude and gosh darn do I love this new song!

Adele’s new album “25” is set to drop on November 20th with only 9 tracks. Although I am disappointed by the small number of tracks, I am so pumped to hear more.

In the past Adele has named her albums based on her age (19 and then 21). Yes folks, Adele is only 25! I cannot believe that I am the same age as her. Her voice, her stage presence and maturity always made me think that she was closer to 30-35. What a gem!


Who else is looking forward to hearing more from Adele?

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