Someone Who Fascinates Me & Why (PC)

Someone who fascinates me right now is our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He was born and raised at 24 Sussex Drive while his father was our Prime Minister. Although he will not be returning to that address, or at least until it is repaired, Justin Trudeau is the head of the household and of our country.

During the election people talked about how Justin is not ready to be our leader and has had an easy life. Yes, his parents were successful but that doesn’t make it easy.

Imagine that everywhere you go people not only know your name but have a strong opinion about your father. As part of the duty of being a Trudeau, Justin would have had to sit there and politely listen to these opinions. If someone ever started speaking negatively about my father to me, I would need to walk away immediately and not give them any of my attention. I don’t think that anyone should have to listen to someone personally attack someone as close to them as their father.

While growing up in the Canadian spotlight, Justin became a child of divorce. His mother’s affair was all over the media. I can only imagine how hard and confusing that must have been for a child to go through and to listen to people’s opinions on that politely. Justin would have learnt young how to be a kind listener to those speaking with sharp tongues on any issue.

As a young adult Justin lost his brother Michel in an avalanche. Two years later he and his family started the Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign and provided much awareness to avalanche prevention and safety.

Two years after the loss of his brother, Justin lost his father. He stood before a nation to provide the eulogy. I remember my mom talking about how Justin was so grown up now, not really understanding who she was referring to.

Another thing that I find fascinating about Justin is his behavior in some videos that I have seen online regarding the legalization of marijuana. Justin doesn’t want to legalize it so that everyone can blaze up, but he notices that the current prohibition in place is not working. If we create dispensaries to sell to legal adults then we are not only providing a reliable source for either medicinal or recreational users, but we are also interfering with the huge drug market that we have going on illegally.

If marijuana is legal, I think it will be interesting to see what kind of research is produced in light of the change.

I think that Justin is fascinating and with a majority government will stir things up in this country. There is potential for Justin work with the opposition in various ways including by appointing Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, as environment minister.

Justin’s youth and background will be an advantage for him. He has a difference experience in life than the others that he was running against. As a young adult, I find myself optimistic about the change that is coming. If there truly is collaboration amongst the different parties, there can be great things that happen in this already wonderful country. As with anything though, time will be the true test for our new PM.


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