Getting A Haircut

You know that time between finally booking a haircut and actually getting it cut? You go back and forth in your mind countless times about what you should do…

That is where I am at. As my hairstylist can attest, it has been much too long since my last haircut. I am prepared for her to have to take quite a bit off the ends. Let’s say hypothetically that it is 3 inches that comes off – that could give me quite a different look!

Should I stick with a similar style and let it grow out? I do like being able to do lots of different things with my hair….

Should I do something more intense and cut 6 inches off? Totally change the shape of it?

Ugh… so many decisions. Normally when I book a haircut I cannot make up my mind, even when I sit down in the chair. I am sure that the last thing a hairstylist wants to hear when they ask what they are doing today is “I don’t know!”.

One good thing is that I have never coloured my hair and I am quite content with my natural colour. At least I do not need to make a decision on that too!

What do you guys do when you are in this conundrum?


    • Ah! So sweet of you! Hopefully I will have more travel posts in the new year 😉

      As for your Pinterest idea, I am going to need to try that out! I seem to have forgotten about my past addiction to Pinterest… I should get back on there! Thanks for the idea 💫

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