The Kind Of People Who Attract Me (PC)

This is a good question! I have been trying to figure this out lately. What is it about a person that attracts me…

I tend to be quite guarded and I do not let people in easily. They need either a good reference or I need to warm up to them. Yes, I understand that sounds crazy… needing a reference… it is not a job interview. What I am referring to is when someone I already know and trust says to me “he/she is good shit, you’ll like him/her.”

I do not have a lot of people in my personal life, but there have been a lot of wonderful people who have crossed my path. Those who have been the most impactful I have looked up to in one way or another. It may be for their intelligence, their sense of humour, their love for their family or how excited they are about life. Everyone has their own perspectives, their own faults, their own strengths. People are beautiful in their own way and I am fascinated by what it is about each person that shines. I love to see how different people are and getting to know what makes them the way that they are. I enjoy learning about how people are perceived and why.

One thing that is irresistible in a person, whether they are my friend, my colleague or a date across the table from me, is confidence. A confident person draws people in, can lead them, and can accomplish so many things just because they believe in themselves. That being said, if someone is going to get close to me, they need to have confidence in me as well. I want to stand next to someone, not in their shadow. we work hard for our self-confidence and I chose to never let someone try to put it in a corner – hopefully you guys don’t either.

What attracts me in a person is that they have a strong sense of their own identity. Yup… I think that is what it is.


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