October Favourites

We all know that the end of the month means that we are bombarded with posts about everything that everyone loved about this month. Since this is something that I look forward to, I am on the bandwagon adding yet another favourites post to the inter-web!

October is one of my favourite months. The fall, the food, thanksgiving… what is not to love about it? At the top of my list this month though is time with family. This could be time reading about some good news, writing them letters, seeing them in person, talking on the phone…. I just really like catching up with them, getting to see how much they/their kids have grown. Any time is a good time to do this, but I did quite a bit more than I normally do this month.

Another favourite would be the app that I shared with you guys a short time ago: Trivia Crack. Yup, I am still addicted to winning trivia games. If anyone would like to play against me, let me know! I also like to chat to people who I am playing against.

Next up is a food item… I was loving banana chips for most of the month… that is until this past weekend when I looked up how they are made and how awful they are for you!!! I thought I was making such good choices by eating this dehydrated fruit for dessert, not realizing how many calories there are from them being deep fried! Yup, banana chips are deep fried. Ugh… now to find something else sweet to munch on that isn’t Halloween candy.

In the makeup world, one item that I have been lovely suddenly is my Stila cream blush in Peony. I got it about a year ago in my Sephora’s Favourites box and thought it was weird. I did not like the concept of cream blushes. This fall I have learn to love it! It blends so nicely and the shade is just what I need for the fall when I want a subtle cheek and a bolder lip.

Also this month, I tried something new. I went to the corn maze! It was a blast. My friends and I got lost, but that is okay because we had fun in the process. Unfortunately we went the day before it closed so I cannot go again… I will know for next year to go earlier in the season!

As my finale for this month’s favourites, I LOVE the heated seats in my car. I will go out, turn on my car, crank the heat and turn on the seat heater while I scrape off the windows… then it is nice and warm for little me when I drive to work. Thank you to whomever invented those!

Let me know what your favourites are for this month. If you blogged about it, I encourage you to leave a link to your post in the comments so that I and others who can check it out.


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