Personal Challenge: November 2015

I may not be doing perfectly on October’s personal challenge, but I am making sure not to miss this one! Today’s post is supposed to be my goals for the next 30 days. That is the perfect opportunity for me to let you know what my personal challenge is going to be for November!

As of November I will have a little less on my plate and will be able to focus on some other goals. One goal in particular that I have let fall to the wayside is my fitness. As an extra push, I have my work Christmas party to attend at the beginning of December. This fitness challenge should have be feeling physically confident for getting all dressed up! In lieu of that, I will be dong the 30 day LBD Challenge. I found it on Pinterest but it is from

There are no equipment necessary for this challenge which is great. Anyone should be able to do them from their own home. I am not sure if I will be doing any check ins – but there will definitely be a conclusion.

Does anyone want to do this challenge with me? If so, tweet me! @LLL_moments and we will keep each other motivated!



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