Battle of the Strengthening Base Coat

While doing updated for my Flashback Friday post (coming soon!), I came across a couple posts where I put different products up against each other such as highlighters and concealers. I wanted to get back to that series and while painting my nails I realized that I have just the two items to go up against each other.

In one corner of the nail strengthener ring is an expensive item that can be found on Sephora’s website. Perfect Formula’s Pink Gel Coat nail strengthener and brightener comes in a 0.17 oz (5 mL) bottle. On its own, it does give a bit of a gel appearance. If that is what you are after then I suggest ORLY’s Nailtrition. It gives a much nicer effect for less money.

In the opposing corner is a drug store product from Sally Hansen. The Triple Strong Stregthener is a nice base coat or a nice choice as a lone clear coat. The bottle was only a few dollars and you get 0.45 fl. oz. (13.3mL).

My nails are already pretty strong but I do feel that the Sally Hansen option made them even stronger.

If I were to choose to keep just one of the two, I would chose the Sally Hansen Triple Strong. To me it is the clear winner. It is cheaper, more effective and there is more than twice the amount of product per bottle.


Is there a strengthener out there that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below.




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