Blogs Worth Checking Out: How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

For those subscribed to Lovely Littlest Life, you may remember that I was once nominated for a blogger’s award. That nomination was made by the bloggers of How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways. At that time I gave a brief synopsis of what I find awesome about her blog but now you are about to get the full meal deal of my opinion. 

Allison, the creative and comedic mind behind this blog, is just like a lot of us lifestyle bloggers: mid-twenties, discovering things about life, the world and sharing with us her two sense. Her sense of humour is really what sets her apart from the other blogs that I have read.

Allison write about things in lists. She had a few different series, most with posts that  follow the format of “How to [TOPIC] in [NUMBER] different ways”

  • Life
  • Adulting
  • Awkward
  • Social
  • Traveling
  • Sweating
  • Random Thoughts

Of these categories my favourite is the Random Thoughts. Allison will write weekly posts about random thoughts that she has. It is almost a guaranteed laugh, not just because she is funny but because odds are you have had the same thoughts but never told anyone.

I also enjoy reading about her adventures near and far such as NYC, the Country Fair, and Tahoe.

There are a lot of great things to find on How To Get Things done in 10 Ways. Allison has not blogging for that long, so I am sure that thing will continue to blossom as she experiences even more in life… also, I imagine those random thoughts will continue to be awesome.

Allison, if you are reading this, keep it up! I look forward to your posts. Your voice and format makes them unique and a pleasure to read.



  1. Oh my gosh! This seriously made my day! You are so sweet to say all of that! So glad to hear you enjoy it so much! That makes me very happy to hear and inspires me to keep those posts coming!! Thanks!!


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