The Best of Intentions

I always try to live my life with the best of intentions. I hope that that is reflected in what I share with you guys. Even though I always try to put my best foot forward at every opportunity, I am human.

Every month I make an effort to better something in my life through my personal challenges. Back in September as you may have recalled, I got rid of a lot of junk. I loved the results! I had much more space in my home, which made it easier to clean, less distracting from whatever I am up to and easier to find whatever I happen to be looking for.

This however has been ruined. With all that free space I started to unpack my long lost forgotten boxes from the basement… and now my closet is back to bursting with clothes, my dresser top is covered with random stuff and my makeup stand is so cluttered. So much for simplifying my life!

On the bright side I haven’t really bought anything… I just don’t tend to get rid of things. Some of my clothes have been around since high school; maybe even jr. high. Should probably get rid of those…

The lesson has been learned that I cannot stop living a change once I have reached a goal. It needs to be a continued effort to keep things in line.

In the mean time I shall start getting rid of things again. Hopefully by the time December gets here I will be happy with all the cleared space. Christmas normally brings about the clutter, especially all of the boxing day sales.

Do you guys have any tricks to maintaining goals you have achieved? I would love to hear about them!



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  1. I really need to go through my closet and drawers as well! It can be hard to get rid of nice items even when you know you won’t wear them again. Good time of year to donate though 🙂


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